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Dauntless – How to Form Your Own Guild

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To make a guild in Dauntless you first need to open up the social menu. You can do that by pressing the O button on the keyboard (for PC). In there you will find a tab called „Guild“. If you press that tab you will get a screen with a huge blue button with the words „Create Guild“. Click it to start the guild making process.


The first step is to choose the name of the guild and the nameplate, which is the short text that gets displayed next to the names of all members of the guild.


The guild name can be from 4 to 15 characters long and the nameplate must be 2 to 7 characters long. Both the name and nameplate can have English letters and numbers.


If the guild name or nameplate is already taken (both have to be unique) it takes a few moments for it to show when you type it in. So wait a bit to see if you can use your guild name and nameplate.


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