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STAR WARS™: THE OLD REPUBLIC™ – How do I make my own chat room for friends? (Advanced)

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How do I make my own chat room for friends? (Advanced)

First, go up to your chatbox and right click the “General” tab. When you do, a new window will pop up! Click on “create custom channel”.


Once you click, another window will pop up asking for you to name your new channel. Give it a nice name that is short, has no special characters, and no discernable profanity.


Next click “ok” and you will receive a notification that you’ve successfully made a custom channel! To switch to your new channel, click the text box at the bottom left corner of your chat box and then select your custom channel.


Now, if you want to invite friends to your custom channel, you need to have them type this secret password into their chat bar, /cjoin (channel name)


You can also quickly create a channel jus typing in the chat box “/create (channel name) (password)” if you want a password secured channel. Your friends can then join by typing “/cjoin (channel name) (password)”.


It will also say /4 /5 /6 for however many you have joined.


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