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STAR WARS™: THE OLD REPUBLIC™ – What is conquest?

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What is conquest?

Every week starting on Tuesdays at 1PM EST conquest resets to zero and you get conquest for everything you do. You get a little bit of conquest for killing mobs, completing quests on planets, crafting, FPs, Ops, everything.


You can get a 150% bonus for having 6 fully unlocked strongholds (don’t have to be decorated) for a total of 2.5x conquest gain.


You need to get to 50k you get a quest turn with various rewards.


Then once Tuesday comes around the following week you will get the guild invasion reward on every character of your that make it to 50k conquest if the guild makes the guild invasion target (which almost every guild will make pretty easily.)


The guild also rewards the top 5 conquest people on both sides. First place imp side is 50mill credits. (Dragons only. The game doesn’t reward the top player)


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