STAR WARS™: THE OLD REPUBLIC™ – What are the guild perks and how do I use them?

What are the guild perks and how do I use them?

5 out of the 6 perks are passive and will always be active. They vary time to time as we adjust the perks to fit certain buffs that we find will benefit the most players in the guild. The set bonuses we try for are the 5% alac bonus or the might which brings in an orbital strike from the flagship which deals massive damage to everyone.


Then on top of that you have a clickable perk that you use when you want it with a cooldown acting like any other ability. To use them go to your skills with the “P” screen.Go to guild then it will be the one with the active text on the right side rather than passive. You can click on it in your ability screen or drag it onto your quick bar and click it there like any other ability. Once you do it will be on cooldown for however long it says. Generally, we use the 15% XP boost for an hour or the recharge drones which heal you twice as fast as your basic one.


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