RetroMania Wrestling Controls - MGW

RetroMania Wrestling Controls

RetroMania Wrestling Controls


These are the default RetroMania Wrestling controls.


RetroMania Wrestling Controls


Finishing Moves & Finishers

All must be done when your momentum is flashing.


Jeff Cobb – Tour of the Islands – Strong Against Running Opponent


Austin Idol – Tombstone Piledriver – Right + Strong Grapple


Road Warrior Animal – Running Powerslam – Right + Strong Grapple


Road Warrior Hawk – Back Breaker – Right + Strong Grapple


Big Stevie Cool – Steive Kick – Right + Strong Grapple


Colt Cabana – Colt 45 – Right + Strong Grapple


Johnny Retro – Starship Pain – Corner Strong Grapple


Blue Meanie – Meaniesault – Top Rope Strong


Tommy Dreamer – Dreamer Driver – Right + Strong Grapple


Hollywood Nova – kryptonite Krunch – Right + Strong Grapple


Nick Alids – Kingslynn Cloverleaf – Strong near opponents feet when they are laying vertical


Zach Sabre Jr – Standing kimura lock – Right + Strong Grapple


Brian Myers – Heat Seeking Elbow – Top Rope Strong


Matt Cardona – Radio Silence – Stong while running at the opponent


Nikita Koloff – Russian Sickle – Strong against Running opponent


Warhorse – Double Foot Stomp – – Corner Strong Grapple


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