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Wrestling Empire – Careers, Self Improvement & Contracts

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After working at each promotion in the career mode, you unlock the privilege of inheriting the status of anyone, anywhere! Until then, you must always work your way up as a trainee with minimal attributes. Each week you are assigned a match that you must win to raise your profile and increase the chances of being offered a deal with a major promotion. You can browse past or future dates with either shoulder button (or by touching the calendar directly). Touching your profile (or holding the button) will allow you to preview your opponent’s wherever possible. You can keep an eye on every other wrestler in the universe by either studying the “Rosters” pages or the “Database,” which includes additional information such as promotion ratings and title histories. The control method you use to “Proceed” will automatically be assigned to the star character in a match, so only click it on PC if you intend to use keys.



Self Improvement

As long as your contract permits, you can change your “Gimmick” by choosing that option. Here you can pay to make changes to your appearance and move set or approach other characters about joining you as a partner or manager. You may also pour your energy into improving your physical attributes if you find time in your schedule to do so. Even then, focusing on one area of physical development (such as getting stronger) could be to the detriment of others (such as being agile). It is also possible to improve naturally with the ring experience. But if you choose to do no exercise at all, you may find that your body deteriorates over time – especially as you get older and gains take more energy to achieve! It is also harder to develop a stat the higher it goes, so it requires extra effort to excel truly.


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POPULARITY is how much reaction a wrestler gets from the crowd, making them more likely to experience an “adrenaline rush” or miraculous comebacks.


  • STRENGTH indicates a wrestler’s ability to inflict damage and perform power moves.


  • SKILL determines how likely they are to execute or counter moves successfully.


  • AGILITY determines how fast they move and how far they can jump.


  • STAMINA indicates how quickly a wrestler recovers health during a match (and after each week) and how likely they are to be injured or tapped out.


  • ATTITUDE is a balance of how agreeable or disagreeable somebody has been in their career thus far. Wrestlers with a bad attitude are more likely to betray you or cause trouble. In the player’s case, attitude can be improved by agreeing to suggestions more often and generally doing the right thing.



Contract Negotiations

If you attract the attention of a major promotion that wants to employ you, a battle of wills takes place to determine how much you will earn. This is basically how much you will be paid per appearance and for how many weeks, but it can also be filtered through “clauses” that are either favorable or unfavorable. It is not likely that you will command a favorable deal unless you are a champion or otherwise one of the most valuable talents in the company. Upon being presented with a proposal, you can change each value at either side like any other option – before committing to it at the signature line. You can press the “X” or the back button to withdraw entirely.







Each week, your finances are accounted for. Unless your contract states otherwise, you are not likely to be paid your full salary unless you compete (and win!). Meanwhile, you must still come up with weekly “expenses” relative to your bank balance or estimated worth. This ensures that even wealthy stars feel the pressure of having to keep it up! Look out for many other opportunities to supplement your income, such as working overtime, doing favors, and completing missions. In the absence of anything to legitimately spend it on, your bank balance should be considered a kind of “Hi-Score.”




Each week you may be approached by the booker or your fellow wrestlers and can choose to respond positively or negatively to the situation. Generally, agreeing to requests improves your “Attitude” and relationships – whereas being disagreeable does not. You can also approach anybody yourself via the “Roster” option. These open-ended discussions allow you to suggest working with or against somebody (highlighting a date before entering the “Roster” screen will make that your preference). You can also approach managers or partners more directly via the “Relationships” tab of the in-game editor. Whether they agree or not still involves running a gauntlet of possible excuses, so you’re not likely to get your way without a solid reputation. Also, notice that every time you bother someone, your “Attitude” goes down a little, so it’s no good pestering everybody on the roster!


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Unless you are unfortunate enough to die or get fired, it is up to you to choose the right moment to retire from the sport with a career worth remembering in the “Hall of Fame”! If you hold the exit command at the calendar screen, you can inform the promoter that you wish to end your current career. You can only start a new one after doing so. We all have different criteria for success in life, and you can see where you stand in each category – from longevity and wealth to win rates and physical prowess.


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