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Wrestling Empire – Combinations, Grappling & Final Destinations

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  • Press ATTACK and RUN together to launch a powerful attack.


  • Press ATTACK or GRAPPLE while close to the ropes to launch a “springboard” attack (if “Agility” permits).


  • Hold RUN while carrying furniture to avoid turning with it.


  • Add a direction to FOCUS or PICK-UP commands to make your intentions clearer.


  • Retreat from an opponent to increase your chances of blocking.




  • Press GRAPPLE again without a direction to release a hold (with a direction to whip them off).


  • Press the ATTACK, RUN or PICK-UP commands with any direction (or none) to execute the corresponding move from the wrestler’s move set.


  • Use the FOCUS command in a grapple to change your position (such as turning from front to back or vice versa).


  • Use the TAUNT command to prematurely attempt your finisher (with a high likelihood of failure).


  • Continue to use directions to move or turn wherever possible (such as getting to or from the ropes to break).


  • When grabbing someone in the corner, you can override your default move by holding towards to lift them up or away to drag them out.



Final Destinations

Some moves offer you the chance to immediately transition into another hold or pin. In these instances, make sure you are holding the corresponding command before the move ends. If your intention is to let the move end naturally, be sure to avoid pressing anything at the moment of impact.




Transitions occur based on the “Skill” levels or size difference of those involved, and the direction each is struggling in. Holding the GRAPPLE command during an incoming attack makes it more likely that it will be parried or countered. Notice that you can also press GRAPPLE while on the ground to increase the chances of instantly rising up into a move!




The thinner yellow meter under a wrestler’s health indicates how much positive momentum they have in the match. When this is filled they experience an “adrenaline rush”, where they temporarily become 10% stronger in every respect – and any move they trigger will either be a special finishing move or a stronger version of an existing move (such as a hold or flying attack).


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