Powerslide Cheats


Cheat Codes

Type in cheats while you are playing, and an icon will appear in the top right of the screen.


APOLLO: When activated, hold down the alt key to float.

BLAST: Repels other cars.

BOMB: Launches a bomb from your car onto the track.

BURN: Briefly ignites a spot near your car.

GLIDER: When in the air, car controls like a glider.

HOVER: Cars hover.

ICBM: Car acts like a missile.

JUMP: Each time, jumps car several feet in the air.

LAUNCH: Hit “a” to launch a car, “z” to move in the direction you’re facing.

LIGHT: Lighter car.

LUNAR: Lunar gravity.

SLEEP: AI cars don’t steer, they just accelerate.

SLIPPY: Slippery surfaces.

SPIDER: Car adheres to any surface.

STICKY: Stick surfaces.

SUCK: Cars gravitate towards each other.

TIMEWARP: Slows time for AI opponents.

TWISTER: AI cars get whipped around by an invisible tornado.

WARP: Other cars crawl over track.


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