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M.A.S.S. Builder – General Tips and Tricks

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Something to Fall Back On

One of the most important things to note is to keep a melee weapon equipped at all times. It’s the only weapon type that doesn’t run out of ammo, and no matter how good your guns are, you’re going to want some way to keep the damage rolling once your clips run dry.



A Weapon For Every Situation

When choosing your weapons, it pays to keep in mind what types of weapons are suitable for dealing with different types of enemies. Stacking a Burst Type weapon and a Nuke Type weapon on the same M.A.S.S. may sound like a good idea at first, but you’ll quickly come to regret that decision when you find the skies full of flying enemies and have to try to pick away at them with just your Energy Shooter.



Double The Carnage, Double the Fun

If you heavily rely on a specific weapon slot, it may be worth including more than one weapon type in your loadout, especially if that slot depends on ammo. Ammo pickups apply to every weapon in a given slot, meaning that a Magazine will grant you an additional clip for every single Bullet Shooter in your arsenal. You’ll suffer a bit of a weight penalty for having extra weapons, but the extra rounds can seriously help your ranged build keep up the pressure for longer.



Know Thy Elements

There are three elemental damage types – Burn, Freeze, and Shock – each with their special status conditions they can apply. Different enemies can also suffer a weakness to one of these damage types, taking additional damage from weapons that use it. If you’re looking to build an “Elementalist” build centered around exploiting these weaknesses, it pays to know what sort of enemies are weak to each type and building accordingly; for example, the vast majority of enemy grunts are vulnerable to Shock damage, so a Shock-type Bullet Launcher can quickly and easily stop crowds in their tracks.


If you’re not sure what to do, use the Enemy Observer to get a feel for which enemies are weak to what, and take that knowledge back to R&D when you craft your next set of weapons.


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