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Thunder Tier One: Beginner’s Guide – Tips and Tricks

Thunder Tier One: Beginner's Guide Tips and Tricks

Top-down shooters almost always feel like relics of the past in exchange for the popularity of first-person and third-person shooters. Fortunately, when you have an interesting gameplay concept like Thunder Tier One has, then it will quickly rise through the ranks as one of the best tactical shooters of recent gaming.


In Thunder Tier one, you control soldier in an elite special operations group who must stop a terrorist organization. This paramilitary organization found its roots in terrorism after the fall of the USSR. Thunder Tier One is playable solo with bots or has 4-player co-op. However you decide you want to play, there are some beginner tips and tricks you should follow.



The Mission Description Is There For A Reason

The developers of Thunder Tier One put the mission description before each mission to give you important information. It’s understandable to want to quickly get through the mission screen and start shooting, but in doing so, you’ll miss some important information.


Thunder Tier One: Beginner's Guide Tips and Tricks


You and your teammates will benefit from reading the mission description, so you know how you want to set your loadouts and what you want to bring. The information in the mission will clue you in to what you should expect, so prepare accordingly.



Arrest Enemies To Save Ammo

One would assume that a top-down tactical shooter means you kill any and all enemies that stand in your way. However, that doesn’t always have to be the case. If you’re playing on a mouse and keyboard, you can use the CTRL key to try and make your enemies surrender.


Thunder Tier One: Beginner's Guide Tips and Tricks


If the enemies surrender, you can restrain them as opposed to killing them. You also get more experience with each arrest. When you restrain someone after shouting at them, that’s less ammo you expend trying to kill them. It’s a win-win.



Go For The Lights

An interesting gameplay mechanic is using the dark to your advantage. There is a degree of stealth to Thunder Tier One. Use your pistol to take out any lights at night. When you take out lights, enemies will have a hard time finding you.


Thunder Tier One: Beginner's Guide Tips and Tricks


However, without the lights, you will also have a hard time seeing the enemies. That’s why it’s important to always have your night-vision goggles when doing night missions. Having night-vision when your opponent can’t see gives you the perfect opportunity to take them out with very little opposition. However, that isn’t the only time you’ll get to employ stealth in Thunder Tier One. Many of the missions in the game can be approached stealthily if you’re using a silencer.


If the weapon you’re using has an integrated silencer barrel, you won’t have to worry, but you can attach a silencer as one of the loadout tips if you feel you need to approach this mission with stealth.



Protection And Weight

Holding less weight by having less protection can make you stealthier in Thunder Tier One, but you don’t want to give up too much protection just to get a few sneaky kills in. You want to have a healthy balance between protection and weight.


Thunder Tier One: Beginner's Guide Tips and Tricks


If you’re not the best at stealth, you might find yourself quickly overwhelmed in a firefight with little protection. On the other hand, having too much protection will affect your aim. You also won’t be able to run easily for cover. You’ll move a lot slower. Sure, you’ll have plenty of protection, but it’s not very efficient when it comes to ammo, and you’ll find yourself quickly subdued by the enemy.


Thunder Tier One: Beginner's Guide Tips and Tricks


Thunder Tier One is fun to play with friends, especially if you were a fan of the older team-based third-person SOCOM series. Whether you want to be an almost invincible juggernaut or make it a stealth game, Thunder Tier One is one of the best concepts in recent top-down shooting history.


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