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Super Robot Wars 30 Beginner’s Guide – Tips and Tricks


Do you wish to play with your favorite Mecha Anime character? If that is the case, then Super Robot Wars 30 is for you. Super Robot Wars 30 is a Tactical RPG game based on Mecha Anime that has been popular for decades. It includes six new mecha franchises to the initial twenty-two titles, which brings the total number of participants to twenty-eight.


Super Robot Wars combines action-packed attacks with crossover gameplay. The game is available in both English and Japanese. This article describes some of the game’s essentials that will surely help beginners. For those just learning about this game or new to it, we recommend reading this guide.



Beginner’s Guide to Progress Quickly

Here you’ll find a Beginner’s Guide to Super Robot Wars 30, detailing how to play the game and complete challenging missions.



1.  Optional Tutorials

  • There are several tutorials available during opening and throughout the game. Tutorials are also available during intermissions which you can skip. However, you can easily understand the game through these tutorials.


  • Starting is easy since there are multiple difficulty levels. It’s ideal for increasing the difficulty as you learn or turn it down if you find it hard to compete with the opponent. You can set the difficulty level from the options menu.



2.  Hidden Secrets

  • You can only gain access to hidden secrets if you meet specific requirements. Having access to hidden secrets is extremely rewarding. For instance, you must shoot down specific units to gain access.


  • According to the circumstances, support attacks might or might not be effective. To be sure, use the particular character you require without backup if you want to satisfy the attack conditions.


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3.  Battle Between Ally and Enemy

  • During battles and adventures, players follow characters. In a battle map, you control giant robots, guiding them to defeat their opponents. You choose whether to fight with allies or against enemies.


  • An enemy attacked with robots is allowed to do so at the end of the player’s turn. The game continues with an Intermission after all enemies have been defeated.



4.  Use of Resources

  • Players can earn bonuses for their armies during Intermission by training pilots, upgrading their robots, and boosting their apparatus.


  • After Intermission, players can progress to the next adventure, and the new chapter begins. Play action-packed mech series crossovers and upgrade your favorite machines and pilots in this game.



5.  Two Styles

  • In Super Robot War 30, there are two ways to play. Some voiceovers accompany the visual novel style in cutscenes; when it’s time to battle, the grid map transforms into a miniature game map.


  • During each turn, you can make choices between famous attacks for your units. The game will feature a side-scrolling mini-battle on screen, together with voiceover performances from the cast.


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Tips and Tricks for Beginner’s

Here are some tips and tricks for Super Robot Wars 30, which will help you during the gameplay.


  • The importance of being familiar with your units and pilots cannot be overstated. Play freely with your units and upgrade the ones that you think suit your play style.


  • Make sure you upgrade your equipment wisely. Some people focus on upgrading a few and relying on them, while others spread out their upgrades. However, it is preferable to maximize what a unit can do in general.


  • If you want to reduce the HP of your minions, you must use your reals. Supers perform poorly when their Armor is low, so you should upgrade it first.


  • It’s best not to get too dependent on expendables. We highly recommend selling them for money because you won’t need them. With money, buy items that are important to your game.


  • If necessary, do not be afraid to over-grind your way to success. If you do not receive an SR point, you will be unable to grind as many times as you would like for that scenario.


  • Make sure you have a competent team in place as soon as possible. To have competence, it needs to have a good balance between great robots and real robots.


  • In most cases, increasing EN is a good idea; however, depending on the unit, you may be better off increasing Armor instead of Evasion or vice versa. In many ways, the same can be said of pilots.


If you have any additional tips or tricks to contribute to this guide, please leave a comment. We’ll update this guide as soon as your comment is approved.


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