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How to Get XP Fast in NBA 2K22 MyTeam

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How to Get XP Fast in NBA 2K22 MyTeam

This guide will teach you how to get XP fast and level up in NBA 2K22.


  • When you first start, look for players in the Auction House who are available for a low price. Level them up with the tokens you’ve earned. Playing on a solid team will boost your XP per hour ratio.


  • In general, you would think that getting XP is as simple as playing any game mode in MyTeam, but this is not the case. In MyTeam, you must accomplish tasks to earn XP. Agendas are the names given to these tasks, and there are multiple agenda goals for the current season.


  • Throughout the game, write down the tasks and check them off when you complete them. This is the most efficient approach to keep track of everything you need to do.


  • In one game, you’ll be able to complete multiple challenges. You may complete the tasks for several players in one game, reducing the number of games and time required.


  • Near the end of the season, the challenges offer you more XP per minute. Complete the easier challenges early in the season, then go on to the more difficult ones as the season progresses.


  • The Domination mode will have the player play 5-on-5 games with the CPU or with other players online. On top of giving the player the core experience of NBA 2K, the Domination mode is also a very good way of earning MTs and getting a string of players to start with.



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