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How to Get Shooting Badges Fast on NBA 2K22

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Unfortunately, you can’t eliminate the fact that you’re going to have to grind, but with a few tips and tricks, you may find yourself not only cutting down on grinding time but enjoying it as well.


To unlock a badge, you must first collect badge points. Shooting is much more difficult in NBA 2K22 than it was in NBA 2K21; the quickest way to earn shooting badges in NBA 2K22 is to play games in MyCareer; it’s recommended to play on 12 minute Quarter Length to maximize gameplay time with minimal interruptions, and set the Game Difficulty to Pro to ensure your opponent is relatively strong but not too difficult to beat. Then, change the Shot Timing to Real Player percent, which indicates that your player’s overall attributes will be more important than the timing you shoot with.


Another thing you should do is go to the Controller Settings and adjust your Shot Meter to Off or Free Throw Only, which will give your shot an extra boost. To get a higher teammate rating, try to work well with your teammates; the greater the team chemistry, the higher the team grade.


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