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NBA 2K22’s Best Playmaking Badges Guide

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NBA 2K22’s Best Playmaking Badges

This guide will show you the best Playmaking Badges available in NBA 2K22. Please note that your player’s build and your playstyle are very important when choosing a badge.


  • Ball Out – Increases the chances of completing a pass from mid-air. Passing out of a jump shot or layup yields fewer errant passes than normal.


  • Floor General – When a player joins the game, teammates receive an offensive attribute bonus. When on the floor, provides offensive attribute bonuses to teammates. At the Hall of Fame level, you may now check your teammates’ possible shooting percentages when on offense.


  • Unpluckable – Reduces the likelihood of being stripped by the defender. Defenders have a difficult time poking the ball free with steal attempts when using dribbling movements.


  • Quick Chain – Improves your ability to chain dribbling movements together quickly.


  • Quick First Step – Increases the number of explosive first steps out of triple threat and size-ups. Ball handlers have access to faster and more effective launches while driving out of triple threat or following a size-up.


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