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Daily Bonuses in NBA 2K22

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Daily Bonuses in NBA 2K22

The most efficient and quick way to earn free VC in NBA 2K22 is using daily bonuses. Here is a list of all the daily bonuses available in the game.


  • The Neighborhood Daily Bonus — In MyCareer, you may earn a daily bonus by completing a task such as playing an NBA game (against the ai), Playground, Pro-AM, or Cages.


  • Daily Spins – Get your daily spin at 2K Arcade while you’re in the neighborhood. You may win a variety of prizes here, including VCs. Every 12 hours, you can spin the roulette wheel. You may also spin the special roulette for Elites only if you attain the Elite Rep rating.


  • Daily Logins for My Team – Even if you don’t play this game mode often, you should keep an eye on it because this is the simplest VC you’ll ever earn. Select MyTeam from the main menu and get 100 VC each day.


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