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How Do You Celebrate After The Shot in NBA 2K22 (My Career)?

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To start, navigate to the MyPLAYER animations menu from the navigation screen. To do so, open the Navigation menu and select MyPLAYER. When you select this option, you will be brought to a new screen with several options. MyPLAYER Animations is the option we desire. Choose this option to be taken to the animations screen. When you initially open the Celebrations menu, there will be no available Celebrations. You must purchase Celebrations from the Animation Store, which is available on the MyPLAYER screen just to the right of the My Animations page.


Scroll to the right on the My Animations page until you reach the Celebrations card. On the Celebrations card, you may equip a variety of different Celebrations for use in Pro-Am, NBA, and the Park. Once you’ve set your Celebrations, you’ll be able to use them in games when you have a particularly memorable moment.


After the shot, use the directional buttons (up, down, etc.) to celebrate.


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