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How to Change Shot Meter & Settings in NBA 2K22

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How to Change Shot Settings

In the controller settings menu, you can modify the shot meter settings. This can be found in the game’s main title screen’s “Features” section. You may change the shot meter settings in a variety of ways. Go to the pause menu and select Options > Controller Settings to turn on and off the shot meter during a game. Almost every option allows you to make the same changes to your controller settings. You can also pick whether your shot vibrates or not. In NBA 2K22, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to become a great shooter, so play around with different settings until you discover one you like.


You can modify the Real Player percentage option in the Controller Settings’ “Shot Timing” section. Change it to Real Player percentage if you want your shots to hit, dependent on how good your player’s ratings are.


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