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How to Do a Floater in NBA 2K22

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The floater puts so much pressure on the defender and opens up other opportunities for your offense, the floater is especially dangerous in the middle of the lane. Look no farther than James Harden for inspiration. Because of his lethal perimeter shooting, he can easily go past the initial defender and downhill. That is the greatest nightmare of a defender.


The most straightforward technique to do a floater is using the right analog stick and aim away from the hoop. You must be just far enough away from the player to prevent a layup attempt while still being near enough to prevent a step back or fade away. It’s simpler to execute if your player has enough momentum, and all you have to do is timing it near the free-throw line.


The floater is also affected by the settings you choose and how the right analog stick is set up. The simplest way to get the most out of the float is to make good use of it with the pick and roll. As a guard in charge of the ball, you need to make a solid choice while keeping an eye on both defenders. When using the pick, make sure there is no room for the defender to intervene and leave your defender with only two alternatives.


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