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NBA 2K22: How to Get More Fans

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How to Get More Fans in NBA 2K22

Growing your fan base will result in more endorsements and opportunities to earn VC, which you may use to boost your player’s attributes later. Here are a few easy ways to grow your NBA 2K22 fanbase.


  • Gaining fans in MyCareer mode, like in prior games, basically boils down to your on-court performance, especially when playing NBA games. Highlight Moves like alley-oops, dunks, blocks, and catching lobs can excite the crowd and encourage them to join your cause.


  • Moreover, scoring after performing dribbling movements (crossovers, behind the backs, spin moves, and so on) can help you gain fans.


  • The camera will cut to the stands after you’ve completed a Highlight Move, and a number representing the number of fans you gained will display.


  • Long story short, if you perform well in games, you will gain more fans.


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