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How to Update Your Roster in NBA 2K22?

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How Do You Download New Rosters in NBA 2K22?

Follow these simple steps to download new rosters in NBA 2K22;



How to Update Your Roster

PlayStation 4 & 5

  • Select ‘Notifications’ from the PS4 & PS5 Home Screen.


  • Now, on your Home Screen, choose the NBA 2K22 icon.


  • Select Options on your controller.


  • Select the option to Check for Updates.


  • It will start downloading any newly available updates.


  • You can see how far the update has progressed in your notifications.



Xbox One & Series X I S

  • Go to my Games and Apps from your Home Screen.


  • On the left sidebar, click on the Manage option.


  • Go to Updates and choose it.


  • Select the NBA 2k22 symbol using your controller’s Menu button.


  • Now select Update Game from the drop-down menu.


  • You may check the update status in the bottom right corner of the “My Games and Apps” screen.



PC (Steam)

You must first launch Steam to update the Roster in 2K22 on your PC. If your PC is connected to the internet, it will update all of your games automatically. It’s critical to note that you don’t turn off Steam’s automatic game updates. If automatic updates are disabled, enable that option again.


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