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FIFA 23 – Throw-In Traits Guide

FIFA 23 – Throw-In Traits Guide

Traits in FIFA 23 provide abilities and skills that you can use to create unique playstyles. There are over 31 traits that are classified into five different categories. The categories determine whether you can use specific traits. However, we’ll be covering only the throw-in traits in this guide. So, without further ado, let’s get started.





  • Usable in the Standard and Virtual Pro (Career Mode) categories.


  • Players equipped with the Long Throw-In trait have their maximum throw distance increased compared to another player who doesn’t have it.




  • Usable in Standard, Virtual Pro (Career Mode) and Virtual Pro (Pro Clubs) categories.


  • You can also obtain this trait from the Shooting Skill Tree.


  • Players equipped with the Giant Throw-In trait can throw the ball even farther than normal players or players equipped with the Long Throw-In trait.


  • If you want to increase your chances of scoring from throw-ins, always use a player equipped with this trait. It’s a great way to pressurize the goalkeeper of the opposing team into making a mistake.


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