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FIFA 23: The Ultimate Guide to New Skill Moves

FIFA 23: The Ultimate Guide to New Skill Moves

Knowing a bunch of skill moves separates a good player from a great player. The more skill moves you have under your belt, the better you will be at dealing with the opposing team and scoring. This guide will help you familiarize yourself with the set of skill moves that are new to FIFA 23. So, without further ado, let’s begin.




  • First time Feint Turn (1 Star) – Can only be done as a first touch. Hold L1/LB + R1/RB and flick Left Stick Backwards.


  • Stutter Feints (3 Stars) – Hold L2/LT and flick Right Stick left & right.


  • Heel to Ball Roll (4 Stars) – Hold L1/LB and flick the Right Stick forward & backward. Use the Left Stick to decide the direction of the ball.


  • Heel Fake (5 Stars) – Hold L2/LT and flick Right Stick left & right (or right & left).




  • Jog Open Up Fake Shot (1 Star) – L1/LB + Fake Shot and flick Left Stick right or left. Depending on the input, the skill sends the player in a right or left direction.


  • Stand Open Up Fake Shot (1 Star) – L1/LB + Fake Shot and flick Left Stick. Depending on where you’re facing, you cannot aim the skill in the backward direction.


  • Explosive Fake Shot (4 Stars) – Fake Shot + flick Left Stick while running. You must have over 85 attribute points in Sprint Speed and Acceleration. Furthermore, you cannot execute the skill in every direction.




The following skills now have left-footed variants, so the strong foot of left-footed players will now be used to execute these skills.


  • Drag Back (sprint/jog).


  • Elastico, Triple Elastico and Reverse Elastico.


  • Flick Over (jog only), Flick up to self and Sombrero Flick.


  • Hocus Focus.


  • Running Fake Dog.


  • Simple and Advanced Rainbow.




  • Super Flicks (1 Star) – To begin, hold Right Stick in any direction. You can also press and hold R3 (PS)/RS (Xbox) and then aim the Left Stick in any direction. 


Furthermore, you can hold R3/RS to get a longer flick since the flick distance depends on how long you press and hold the right stick.


  • Skilled Bridge (4 Stars) – Hold L2/LT and then flick Right Stick forward and backward.


Disguised First Touch – Hold L1/LB + R1/RB and then aim then aim the Left Stick forward. You can only perform this skill move as a first touch.


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