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How to Add & Equip Traits in FIFA 23 Career Mode

How to Add & Equip Traits in FIFA 23 Career Mode

Traits will grant players unique skills that can give them an advantage in tough situations. These slight buffs do not affect the play style too greatly, but the small tweaks they make in your character’s stance will increase your chance of overcoming the defender, which is often all you need to make the game winning play. Traits are an important part of the game. In this guide, you’ll learn how to equip them for your players.




  • Go to Edit Pro > Athletic tab > Traits tab. Also note that trait effects can fall into one or more categories.


  • Every trait affects a player’s performance on the field in at least one way. Some traits even offer two to three bonuses to your players.


  • You can unlock traits by completing a specific number of accomplishments across various categories.


  • For instance, you can unlock the Bicycle Kick Trait by completing 40 accomplishments in the physical category. Similarly, you can also unlock the Finesse Shot and the Power FK traits by completing 30 and 40 accomplishments in the shooting category. You can find a list of all your accomplishments on the My Pro and Career Mode homepages.


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