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How to Initiate Attacking Runs in FIFA 23

How to Initiate Attacking Runs in FIFA 23

Experience the most realistic soccer simulations ever created for a video game in FIFA 23. With the newest version of the HyperMotion technology utilized in the previous edition of the series, advanced motion capture and machine learning are combined to allow for extremely realistic animations that change on the fly depending on player input.


Whether you’re on offense, defense, or just running on the pitch, FIFA 23 will ensure every movement of your character is smooth and connects seamlessly into the next one. No more janky animations that feel disjointed. At this point, watching FIFA in action is almost indiscernible from watching a real soccer game.


  • Part of any soccer match, real or simulated, will have a flow of possession. One team will have the ball, make a shot at the goal, and the other team will take the ball back. When you have possession of the ball, it is wise to call for backup so a teammate can aid your race down the pitch to the opposing goal.


  • This action is called an attacking run, and it is a fairly easy action to pull off in FIFA 23. When you’re making your run down the pitch and you’re surrounded by opponents, you can call for support by pressing the RB button on Xbox, or the R1 button on PlayStation. Your player will put the call out, and a teammate will rush to your side to provide support. With the extra manpower, you can make a much safer shot at the goal.


  • If you use this tactic at just the right time, you’ll have a huge advantage over the other team. If you need some guidance on exactly when to use an attacking run, here is a tip. If you’ve managed to draw a defender to your position as you break through the opponent’s defenses, that is when you should initiate the attacking run. When your teammate gets within range, you can either press the Y button on Xbox or Triangle button on PlayStation to pass to them or take the ball straight up to the opposing goal and take your best shot.


We hope you found this guide to be helpful. FIFA 23 is an awesome game that has plenty of special tactics to learn, so keep practicing!


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