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City of Gangsters – Territory

City of Gangsters - Territory

Territory is the corners your outfit controls from the respect generated by your fronts.




Your territory is the geography of the city controlled by your outfit. It’s where your respect is high enough on a corner that your outfit controls things. The main benefits of adding a corner into your territory include:


  • The ability to gain control of a new building


  • Extorting local businesses for protection


  • Paving off the local cops to look the other way no matter how much heat there may be


  • Some missions are only available from businesses within your territory


  • Expanding territory is one of the main ways to extend your crew size


  • Some skills require you to have a minimum number of corners in your outfit’s territory


  • Rival outfits will not be able to do business with anyone operating within your territory


  • Benefit from certain civic buildings like train stations and post offices that are within your territory.


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