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City of Gangsters – Vehicles

City of Gangsters - Vehicles

In the bustling urban jungle of these booming 1920s cities, a vehicle is necessary to move your crew and your goods from point A to point B. And C. And D…


Vehicles come in two broad categories – passenger vehicles and delivery vehicles. Passenger vehicles are easier to come by and maintain. They are cheap and readily available from dealers, junkyards, and garages around town. Delivery vehicles require some skill to properly operate and some more dedicated infrastructure.


You can increase your capacity for vehicles by gaining control of a new building, building a garage of your own in the back of a controlled building, or as a reward for helping some business owners who have given you missions to complete.


As you drive around the city, your vehicles will slowly wear down, so be on the lookout for garages or other businesses who can repair them or build your own vehicle infrastructure.


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