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City of Gangsters – Relationships & Trust

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Relationships & Trust

Who you know and who to trust is critically important to your outfit’s success in the city’s underworld. Your relationship score summarizes your history with another person. It is influenced by direct positive interactions like cutting someone a break on prices or completing a mission for them. Or those direct interactions can be negative, like demanding that they pay you protection money or failing to help them keep a hostile local hooligan from vandalizing their business. Relationships can also be influenced by personality features – like if you’re both of the same ethnicity, that will result in a higher relationship score and greater trust. On the other hand, they could be cautious by nature, and that would lead them to trust you less right away.


But consequences also spread socially. If you help someone by completing a mission results in a positive relationship boost with their entire family. Likewise, if you break someone’s windows, they’re likely to inform everyone they know that you’re not to be trusted, so expect negative relationship impacts.


Once someone trusts you enough, they will reveal what illegal activities they might want to discuss with you. They will offer you favors such as introductions, skills, and many other beneficial benefits if they trust you considerably. So keep in mind, your actions, both positive and negative resonate socially.


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