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City of Gangsters – Missions

City of Gangsters - Missions

Business owners will sometimes have some ideas to help you out, need help themselves, or have a request for you. While driving around the city, you may see an indication that a business owner might want to have a word with you. As your organization grows and expands in different directions, the people in the city with whom you regularly transact commerce will keep up with your outfit’s comings and goings. As such, they may sometimes have opportunities to present to you. These could increase your productivity, they might result in learning about a new skill, discovering previously unknown resources, gaining weaponry or vehicles, adding favors, or otherwise materially advancing your efforts to conquer the city’s crime landscape. Sometimes the requirements of these missions may need to be fulfilled by a specific date, but sometimes they’re more open-ended and can be completed when your outfit is ready.


As your territory and crew grow, so will the number of missions that you’re able to have concurrently active. Citizens will only offer you new missions if you’re able to accept them, so once one is completed, look around the city to see if any new ones have popped up.


Keep your crew on the lookout for new missions—they can be useful opportunities. If you help someone out, they’ll tell others about your stand-up actions which could further broaden your opportunities. Likewise, if you agree to help and go back on your word, you may become known as untrustworthy in certain circles.


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