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City of Gangsters – Hostility & Conflict

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Hostility & Conflict

When others decide that their dislike for your outfit requires action. There could be many reasons that a local hooligan or rival outfit has decided to escalate things from mutual distrust into open conflict.


For local hooligans, this means that they will attack your crew members if they get too close to their controlled corner and they may chase after your crew members for a few corners. If you previously had a deal with them to transact commerce with businesses on their corner, that arrangement will end as will any deal that was made where agreed to stop bothering local merchants.


Some triggers for conflict with local hooligans include spending too much time on their corner, doing something hostile to one of their family members, or attacking them directly. Also, some local hooligans are just touchy about newcomers and may be immediately hostile toward your outfit. But that will eventually pass as they become accustomed to your presence. When a rival outfit is hostile toward you, they have a whole range of options. They will sometimes gather their crew and target one of your crew members for the attack. If they are well-armed, that could be quite unfortunate for that crew member and at worst could result in their death. They may target your fronts and convince the business owner that they should close won the front.


Your controlled buildings will be vulnerable to attack and damage, leaving them unable to function until repaired. They may start raiding corners near your outfit, causing the businesses there to stop buying and selling with you for a time and causing some social unpleasantness as they report the negative results of being associated with your outfit. In either case, you should expect a lot of heat and the resulting increase in attention from the local cops.


This can all get very expensive and make your outfit’s existence even more precarious. For local hooligans, you can simply demand that they stop. If your outfit has more manpower and weaponry than they do, they are likely to slink back to their corner and leave you alone. For rival outfits, you need to go ask them for a truce which will put a pause on hostility for a while.



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