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City of Gangsters – Truces

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Sometimes conflict is necessary. Sometimes it is just bad for business. If you are engaged with hostilities with a rival outfit, you can request a truce from them or they may request one from you. If you request it, it is likely that the other outfit will want you to pay for it, so they will demand some amount of cash to cease hostilities.


If, however, the rival outfit approaches you and asks you to meet one of their crew on neutral ground, that means that they have decided the current conflict is not going their way. In this case, your outfit will be the ones receiving the cash to end the unpleasantness.


Once a truce has commenced, the rival outfit will cease all provocative action for the duration of the truce. If, however you decide to take hostile action against a rival with whom you have a truce, you should expect a full and immediate resumption of hostile action.


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