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City of Gangsters – Police

City of Gangsters - Police

The people in blue uniforms are in charge of enforcing the law.


Cops patrol the streets looking for illicit behavior. If a corner has a high amount of heat, they’ll stay on that corner for several turns. If anyone does anything shady or shifty while they’re on a corner, they’ll arrest them. Well, they’ll take all their cash and confiscate anything that they might have in their vehicle. While cops are on a corner, local businesses will not want to do anything illegal. In fact, they really won’t want to do anything at all until the police clear off.


If you get an in with a cop, you can offer some cash to one of their favorite “charities”. In exchange for that, they’ll look the other way when members of your outfit conduct business. They’ll also stay out of your territory, no matter how high the heat might get. But each cop has their own precinct and your good will with each officer is limited to the borders of their precinct. If you’re in conflict with a rival outfit and you have a good relationship with a police officer, you can use that relationship to tip-off federal agents and trigger a raid.


If you ever saw a policeman with a club in his hand, I want to ask you, did you ever see that policeman club a millionaire? —Mother Jones


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