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Terror of the Seven Seas: PC Controls and Key Bindings

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Terror of the Seven Seas is an enthralling maritime combat game that invites you to set sail on exciting adventures across a vast, open world. You can step into a variety of roles, such as a fearsome pirate, a committed naval officer, a shrewd master trader, or a daring explorer, and set off on a dynamic and versatile gaming journey. The game displays a massive, carefully designed model of Earth, giving you the chance to traverse the Seven Seas, engage in trade, wage war, and explore more than 120 ports scattered across various continents.


As you sail through busy sea routes, you’ll encounter loaded trade galleons, relentless pirates, warring navies, elusive sea monsters and nations either forming alliances or entangled in conflicts. The ships in the game are customizable, which allows you to accumulate upgrades, assemble a powerful fleet, and hire captains to sow chaos among your foes. Understanding the PC controls and key bindings is essential to truly master this expansive game. Here’s where this guide steps in: we’ll explain and list all default keyboard controls and commands for Terror of the Seven Seas.



Default Key Bindings



Up Action Num 8
Right Action Num 6
Down Action Num 2
Left Action Num 4
Menu Escape
Aim Right Mouse Button
Fire Left Mouse Button
Inventory I
Loot X
Time Speed Up T
Map M
Interact F
Camera Inwards Empty
Camera Outwards Empty
Explosive Barrel R
Mortar E
Stats Y
Ally Follow Command V
Ally Defend Command B
Ally Aggressive Command N
Sail Customizer Num
Chat K
Hide HUD Ctrl+Alt+Shift+H
First Person Mode Z
Next Formation O
Previous Formation Empty
Factions Screen J
Cannon Fire Mode G
Skill o o
Skill I 1
Skill 2 2
Skill 3 3
Skill 4 4
Skill 5 5
Skill 6 6
Skill 7 7
Skill 8 8
Skill 9 9
Skills P
Fire Ship Q
Lookingglass Middle Mouse Button
Lock Formation L


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