Scars of Summer PC Keyboard Controls


PC Keyboard Controls

  • Q – This will bring up your phone so you can either call Ryoka, who might answer and give you clues where she might be, or look up lewd threads on a forum (mostly about Ryoka). You can only use this 3 times a day unless you buy chargers.


  • W – This will bring up the calendar. Use this to check the day and upcoming events.


  • T – Fast forward the time 1 hour.


  • A – Teleport you back in front of your house.


  • C – This will close Ryoka’s diary which you use to watch h-scenes. Note that to watch the H-scenes you must click the heart icon in Ryoka’s Diary.


  • Z and Space – Confirm choices, interact with objects, and move to the next dialog. Hold Z for a faster move through dialog.


  • X – Deny choices/choose the 2nd option for choices and pull up the menu.


  • Ctrl – Fast skip through text.


  • Arrow Keys – Move the character around.


Otherwise, you can just use your mouse to move around by click on where you want the character to go.


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