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Scars Above PC Controls – Keyboard and Gamepad

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I have so much respect for scientists. Using only human ingenuity they unlock the secrets of the universe and the natural world, a feat that you have to admit is impressive. Thanks to scientists, we know about the dark corners of the ocean the building blocks of life & the vastness of outer space.


In a recently released video game called Scars Above you play a scientist named Kate Ward who finds herself stranded on an alien planet with nothing but a makeshift weapon, a 3D printer, and her own knowledge & creativity to keep her alive. And that’s going to be a tall order because the creatures who call this planet home are vicious, hungry and powerful enough to rip you limb from limb.


I do not know about you, but that is something I’d like to avoid. So in order to have the best chances for survival in Scars Above, you should make use of this Scars Above PC controls guide for both keyboard & gamepad. It has all of the information you might need to navigate and survive this planet, neatly organized into an easy-to-read reference. You could even call it your guide to the universe! Ok, maybe not, but it’s still pretty helpful…




General Controls

  • Movement: W, A, S, D


  • Dodge/Vault: Space Bar


  • Sprint: Left Shift


  • Shoot: Left Mouse Button


  • Reload: R


  • Aim: Right Mouse Button


  • Use Gadget: F


  • Gadget Selector: TAB


  • Pulse Scan: C


  • Heal: Q


  • Weapon 1: 1


  • Weapon 2: 2


  • Weapon 3: 3


  • Weapon 4: 4


  • Weapon 5: 5


  • Weapon 6: 6



Misc. Controls

  • Menu: ESC


  • Inventory: I


  • Interact: E



Gamepad (Xbox Controller)

  • Movement: Left Stick


  • Sprint: L3


  • Camera Rotate: Right Stick


  • Pulse Scan: R3


  • Weapon Switch: D-Pad Up, Down, Left, Right


  • Open Gadget Selector: LB


  • Aim Gadget: RB (Hold)


  • Use Gadget: RB (Press)


  • Melee/Shot: RT


  • Aim: LT


  • Heal: Y


  • Dodge/Vault: B


  • Interact: A


  • Reload: X


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