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Maniac Controls (Keyboard & Gamepad)

Maniac Controls (Keyboard & Gamepad)

Here’s a handy list of all the basic keyboard and Xbox gamepad controls for Maniac. The controls are super simple and easy to get the hang of, so you likely won’t need to change them. But just in case you need a quick reminder, this guide’s got you covered.



Default Controls

Xbox Gamepad

  • Drive: Left Stick Y


  • Forward: A


  • Reverse: X


  • Turn: Left Stick X


  • Turn Right: D-Pad Right


  • Turn Left: D-Pad Left


  • Main Weapon: Right Trigger


  • Special: Left Shoulder


  • Use Equipment: Right Shoulder


  • Melee Hit: Left Trigger


  • Use Vehicle: Y


  • Inventory Menu: B


  • Menu: Start



PC Keyboard

  • Drive: W / Up Arrow


  • Forward: W / Up Arrow


  • Reverse: S / Down Arrow


  • Turn Right: D / Right Arrow


  • Turn Left: A / Left Arrow


  • Main Weapon: Z or Left Mouse Button


  • Special: Space


  • Use Equipment: Q


  • Melee Hit: Right Mouse Button


  • Use Vehicle: E / Return


  • Inventory Menu: Tab


  • Menu: Esc


  • Camera: F5



In-Game Control Scheme

Maniac Controls (Keyboard & Gamepad)


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