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PGA TOUR 2K23 Tips Guide: How to Become a Better Player

PGA TOUR 2K23 Tips Guide: How to Become a Better Player

Welcome to the ultimate PGA TOUR 2K23 Tips Guide, where you’ll learn all you need to know to become a golfing superstar! (Or at least how to avoid embarrassment on the virtual links.) Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a complete beginner, these tips will teach you how to improve your game and avoid humiliating moments (like when you landed in the water hazard…yikes!). So grab your clubs, put on your best golf pants and prepare to tee off on your journey to becoming the next Tiger Woods (minus the scandal, of course).


First things first, it’s important to understand the different clubs available to you in the game. Drivers yield the most distance, followed by woods, while hybrid, iron, and wedges are used for shorter distances towards the green and to get out of bunkers and rough.


In PGA Tour 2K23, there are three different ways to shoot: the left stick, the right stick, and a 3-point system using buttons. The 3-point system involves a meter that you use to control the direction and distance of your shot. To start the meter, you’ll need to press and hold the A (Xbox) / X (PlayStation) button and let go once the meter covers all of the white space. You’ll then see two hands on the meter, which move counterclockwise. To stop the first hand, which controls the direction of the shot, press the A/X button when the hand is near the small white space on the top of the meter. To stop the second hand, which controls the distance of the shot, press the same button once again when the hand is near the white space on the bottom of the meter.


If you prefer to use the analog stick method, you’ll need to enter your backswing by holding the stick down and move to your downswing by shifting the stick up. It’s important to push the stick straight up in order to hit the ball in the correct direction, as any deviation could cause your shot to veer left or right. Now, let’s go over some tips for improving your game in PGA Tour 2K23:



Always Factor in the Wind

The wind can have a significant effect on your shots in PGA Tour 2K23. Make sure to check the wind direction and speed before every shot, as it can change the trajectory and distance of your shot. The wind direction and speed are indicated by the arrow in the top-middle of your screen, with the associated number indicating the wind speed in MPH.


Take into account the direction of the wind when selecting your club. For example, if the wind is coming from the left, you’ll want to choose a club with a higher loft to compensate for the added lift that the wind will give to your shot.


Adjust your aim accordingly based on the wind direction. If the wind is coming from the left, aim slightly to the right to allow for the wind to push your shot back towards the target.


Pay attention to the wind speed when calculating your shot distance. A stronger wind will have a bigger impact on your shot, so you’ll need to adjust your club selection and power accordingly.


Consider the type of shot you’re hitting. If you’re hitting a low, running shot, the wind will have less of an impact compared to a high, soaring shot.


Practice making shots in different wind conditions to get a feel for how they affect your shots. This will help you develop a better sense of how to compensate for the wind in different situations.


Remember, the wind is just one factor to consider when hitting a shot in PGA Tour 2K23. Make sure to also take into account the terrain, the type of shot you’re hitting, and any other variables that may affect your shot. By paying attention to all of these factors, you’ll be able to make more accurate shots and lower your scores.



Changing Clubs

In PGA Tour 2K23, you can change your clubs for every shot by using the up or down arrows on the D-pad. This can be helpful for getting a better lie, such as using a wood or driver to hit out of the trees instead of an iron. It can also be helpful to use a driver off the tee box if the hole is too far away, as it may give you extra yards with the luck of the wind.



When to Add Spin

Adding spin to your shots can greatly impact where your ball ends up. To add spin, hold down LB or L1 and use the right analog stick to add topspin or backspin. Adding spin can be especially helpful when chipping onto the green or when using your driver, woods, or hybrids for extra yards.



How to Change Loft

If you find yourself with obstacles in your way, such as tree branches or rocks, you may want to change the loft of your shot to hit over or under them. To change the loft, hold down LB or L1 and use the left analog stick to raise or lower the arch of your shot. You can also use the left analog stick to curve the ball around obstacles.



Utilize the Aiming System

The aiming system in PGA Tour 2K23 can be helpful for lining up your shots and understanding how the ball will behave based on the club you are using and the terrain. To use the aiming system, hold down LB or L1 and use the right analog stick to adjust the aim of your shot. The red line on the ground indicates the direction and distance of your shot, while the red arrow on your golfer indicates the direction and power of your swing.



Use the Right Clubs for the Right Situations

Each club in PGA Tour 2K23 has its own strengths and weaknesses, and it’s important to choose the right club for the right situation. For example, a driver is best for long shots off the tee, while a putter is best for short shots on the green. Experiment with different clubs and learn when to use each one for maximum effectiveness.



Learn How to Level Up Fast

One of the most effective ways to level up fast in PGA Tour 2K23 is to focus on maximizing your XP gains per round. One way to do this is by adjusting the difficulty settings to find the sweet spot where you can score well while still earning a good amount of XP. The swing difficulty setting will have the biggest impact on your XP multiplier, so you should consider setting it to pro or master level once you’re comfortable with the game. You can also increase your XP gains by completing course challenges and objectives in MyCareer mode, as well as by playing on short and easy courses or participating in daily challenges and Tour Pro events. Additionally, you can use the Boosts and XP Bonus features to temporarily double your XP gains or increase them for a set period of time. Finally, remember to always play to your strengths and try to put up good scores, as this will give you the biggest XP boost.



Swapping Archetypes to Cover Your Weaknesses

One of the great things about PGA Tour 2K23 is that you can change your archetype for free and try out different ones to see which one you like best. This can be especially helpful if you want to improve in a specific aspect of your game. For example, if you want to improve your putting, you might want to consider selecting the Greensman archetype.


The Greensman archetype is specifically designed to excel at putting. It gives bonuses to your putting accuracy, speed, and control, which can help you sink those tough putts and lower your scores. However, it’s important to note that each archetype has its own strengths and weaknesses. The Greensman might be great at putting, but it might not be as strong in other areas such as driving distance or approach shot accuracy.



Take Advantage of the Course Conditions

The course conditions in PGA Tour 2K23 can greatly affect your shots, and it’s important to consider them when choosing your clubs and planning your shots. For example, wet or muddy conditions may require you to use a club with more loft to get the ball out of the rough, while dry or firm conditions may allow you to use a lower-lofted club for more distance.



Learning Draws and Fades

Learning how to hit draws and fades is an important skill for any golfer to have in their arsenal. A draw is a shot that is designed to make the ball curve from right to left, while a fade is a shot that is designed to make the ball go from left to right. These shots are usually used to avoid obstacles such as trees or to make the ball roll in a specific direction upon landing.


For right-handed golfers, a draw is hit by using a slightly inside-out swing path and a slightly closed clubface at impact. To hit a fade, the swing path should be slightly outside-in and the clubface should be slightly open at impact. For left-handed golfers, the opposite is true: a draw is hit with a slightly outside-in swing path and an open clubface, while a fade is hit with an inside-out swing path and a closed clubface.


Hitting draws and fades effectively requires good timing and a consistent swing path. It can be a challenging skill to master, but it can also give you a lot of control and flexibility on the course. By learning how to hit both shots, you’ll be able to avoid obstacles and shape your shots to fit the specific conditions of each hole. So if you’re looking to improve your game, make sure to practice hitting both draws and fades to give yourself an extra edge on the fairway.


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