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Fear Surrounds: Beginner’s Guide – Tips to Know Before Starting


Do you have a passion for playing Survival-Horror video games? If so, you’re in luck because Fear Surrounds is right up your alley. Released on October 19, 2021, exclusively for PC, this horror-themed game centers around a group of players fighting for survival. The gameplay is reminiscent of Among Us, the popular social deduction game, where players must identify imposters among their ranks before it’s too late. In Fear Surrounds, two sinister spirits infiltrate the group, eliminating players one by one. To help you thrive in this eerie world, we’ve compiled a Fear Surrounds Beginner’s Guide filled with useful tips and tricks.


Whether you’re new to Social Deduction games or a seasoned pro, learning how to survive longer is crucial. Knowing the ins and outs of the game will increase your chances of staying alive, so read on to become a master. Fear Surrounds takes place in a terrifying world haunted by a werewolf. Your goal is to identify the imposter before they eliminate all of your allies, similar to other Social Deduction games. With a variety of challenging quests and objectives, you’ll never be bored.



Fear Surrounds Beginner’s Guide

Fear Surrounds isn’t just limited to Social Deduction gameplay; it also features a Battle Royale mode. Compete against players from around the globe, with the last player standing crowned the winner.



Play as either Good Guys or Specters

Like Among Us, you have two options: play as a Good Guy or choose the Specter class. In Among Us, you can be a crewmate or an imposter. Crewmates are unaware of the imposter’s identity, while the imposter knows who the crewmates are. As a Good Guy, your objective is to identify the killer, analyze their behavior, and study their speech patterns.



Keep your eyes peeled

When playing as a Good Guy, stay alert and watchful at all times. Observe other players and their actions to determine if they’re allies or foes. Once you’re certain, call a meeting and vote out the suspected character immediately.



As a Good Guy

As a Good Guy, your aim is to expose the killer. Identifying the culprit isn’t easy, so keep an eye on suspicious individuals & gather clues to reveal the truth to your teammates. The game features various roles, such as:


  • Priest


  • White


  • Avenger


  • Forensic Doctor


  • Idiot


  • Psychic


Note: During investigations, don’t blindly trust anyone, as they might deceive you. Take your time, complete your research and provide solid evidence to eliminate the killer. Remember, if you’re wrong, your team will suffer.





As a Specter

Choosing the Specter role changes your objective. Now, your mission is to eliminate all Good Guys without being caught, similar to Among Us. Specters can communicate with teammates using voice notes and employ skills to protect one another. Choose between creating alibis amidst chaos or killing Good Guys. Additionally, Specters can lie about their location during meetings and accuse others to create confusion.


  • Silence


  • Ghost Priest


  • Magic Eye


  • Nightmare


  • Ghost King


  • Hidden Demon


  • Betrayer



Fear Surrounds – Tips and Tricks for Good Guys (Faction)

Keep these basic rules in mind before starting the game. If you’re unfamiliar with Social Deduction games, consult the Fear Surrounds Beginner’s Guide to learn the ropes. Playing as a Specter is thrilling, as you must find opportunities to eliminate Good Guys and evade detection. As a Good Guy, you must focus on completing objectives while also identifying the killers lurking among your friends.


  • Choose between playing as a Killer or a Good Guy.


  • As a Good Guy, understand the requirements of objectives and complete challenging quests to achieve victory.


  • During meetings, attempt to vote out all Specters to progress through the game.


  • Analyze player behavior during communication to discern who is good or bad.


  • Don’t rush your decisions, as one wrong choice could lead to someone’s demise.



Fear Surrounds – Tips and Tricks for Specters

Stay on your toes when playing as a Specter, as many Good Guys are eager to expose you. Make your moves carefully and avoid killing anyone in a crowd. It’s best to distract others and strike when you find individuals alone, ensuring you leave no traces. Here are some tips & tricks to keep in mind when playing as a Specter:


  • Pretend to be good while eliminating Good Guys one by one.


  • Avoid leaving any witnesses who could expose you during meetings.


  • Unleash your destructive skills to create opportunities to eliminate Good Guys.


  • Don’t hesitate to lie during meetings to sway votes in your favor.


  • To succeed, it’s essential to eliminate all innocent players.


We’ve covered just about everything you need to know to excel in Fear Surrounds. Hone your skills, dive into the game, and showcase your talents as you navigate this spine-chilling world.


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