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Gloomhaven: Beginner’s Guide: Tips To Know Before Starting


Gloomhaven uses tactical dungeon crawling and RPG elements to combine with the tabletop board game of the same name. If a player is playing Gloomhaven on Steam, the party’s composition is incredibly significant. You will have to find how well the party will do as you advance through the game. It is important to pick mercenaries who complement the player’s character.


When choosing characters for a party, choose one to be the tank and the other to support. If you are new to the punishing world of Gloomhaven, these 7 beginner’s tips will help you navigate the game’s strategic combat. With the board game adaptation coming out of Early Access towards the end of 2021, it’s a great time to learn how to make the best out of the 17 different mercenaries at your disposal.



1.  Classify Your Character After Playing

  • Classes and races in Gloomhaven are unique, making it one of the best places to play. Starting, you can choose between six characters. Unlike other games, Gloomhaven does not have two-dimensional characters.


  • Tinkerers appear to be area affect characters, but they are also healers and stamina resources. Scoundrels are not just fast and agile, but they can also attack from a distance. It isn’t a surprise.



2.  Save Cards

  • As you look through their cards, you will see that some of your mercenaries are more powerful than others. Normally, the bottom-right corner of these cards indicates that they are burnt.


  • These powerful 1-time effects are not discarded but instead are burned, significantly reducing the number of turns your mercenary can survive. At the beginning of any round, a mercenary who cannot play two cards is as good as dead.



3.  Know About Your Enemy

  • The objective of each mission, along with any rewards for completing it, are all displayed when selecting a new mission. The most efficient use of this information is to select your cards, equipment, and even mercenaries when playing Guildmaster mode.



4.  Hidden Timer

  • A “hidden” timer is displayed during each mission based on how many turns your character can survive, given the size of his/her starting hand. Enemies can continue defending indefinitely, while mercenaries must be aggressive.


  • If an opponent’s very fast initiative or defensive ability disrupts the primary plan, you should always have a backup plan. It is possible and advisable to default cards that are no longer relevant, but it is not very effective, leaving you stuck and behind your fellow mercenaries.



5.  Stamina and Healing Potion

  • You can heal yourself without needing a long rest or a card when you have a Minor Healing Potion. Easy to use. Although the Minor Stamina Potion is priceless, it is essential. If you want to discard cards that don’t lose their value, you can find a combination that works for you.


  • Your combo is over when you discard the card, use the Minor Stamina Potion, and then pick it up again. Besides being able to use your awesome combo, you also gain an additional round. Both gaining stamina and readying combos are made easier.


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