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Grand Tactician: The Civil War (1861-1865) – Army Status

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Army Status

The status of the armies can also be seen on the map in the units’ NATO symbols. The additional indicators show what the unit is currently doing. In addition to the arrow on the left (offensive, defensive), the following indicators are used:


  • If the unit is transported, the transportation method is shown. Also, the unit will show a model of a train or a steamer on a map. When transported, units don’t suffer from fatigue.


  • If a unit is forced to march, it will move faster but will suffer from extra fatigue and deterioration of the condition of men, which can lead to increased straggling and desertion.


  • When encamped, the unit receives supplies more effectively and suffers less from poor weather. The commanders will drill their men, which slowly increases the training value, depending on commanders’ administration attributes. The maximum training level achievable depends on your military experience.


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  • In winter quarters, the unit suffers less from cold weather. Commanders will drill the men, but not as effective as when encamped during summer. Order delays are longer and readiness lower. The units will automatically enter winter quarters during winter if stationary. Entrenched (defensive) units will also receive the benefits of winter quarters.


  • Army orders (scouting, raiding, guarding) are shown in the symbol when the unit is moving.


  • The crossed swords indicate the unit is engaged in combat and will be unresponsive to orders. An additional gears icon indicates auto resolved battle.


  • When entrenched, units are more effective in defense, and more engineering points are received during a battle. The number in the symbol indicates the level of entrenchment (1-3).


  • The skull icon indicates high attrition, usually due to low supplies.


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