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FIFA 23: How to Develop Youth Players

FIFA 23: How to Develop Youth Players

Developing young talent is important. If you don’t let your youth participate in games, you’d be handicapping your own team chemistry. You can always spend money to get the best talent on the market, but building a team from the ground up by nurturing and training the players is a completely different experience altogether. Let’s discuss how you can train your youth so that you too can be a part of this experience.




  • Let your young players begin with a cup game against weaker opponents. This will boost their match experience and sharpness. They’ll also receive a morale boost from a team victory and a good overall performance. It also earns them a green tick on the squad hub, which indicates a high receptivity towards regularly assigned training regimens.  


  • Training schedules have also become more flexible. You can now individually assign training and resting days to an entire group of players. You can even simulate games to quicken the process. Just select the drills and training regimens for each player before the training begins.


  • The best way to develop your players is to let them play. A little bit of game time, even in the last 5-10 minutes, is beneficial.


  • You can track the Youth Academy’s progress via monthly emails. Note that the overall performance of a player may rise or fall in the academy based on their performance. However, players will get angry if you leave them for a long period of time. If they’re threatening to leave your club, you’ll have no option but to promote them. That’s why some game time goes a long way in training the youth as well as keeping them in your club for a long time.




Here is a list of all the young players that show potential.


  • Kylian Mbappe


  • Pedri


  • Erling Haaland


  • Phil Foden


  • Gianluigi Donnarumma


  • Vinicius Junior


  • Florian Wirtz


  • Kai Havertz


  • Dusan Vlahovic


  • Ansu Fati


  • Jude Bellingham


  • Jamal Musiala


  • Joao Felix


  • Rafael Leao


  • Alessandro Bastoni


  • Sandro Tonali


  • Trent Alexander-Arnold


  • Eduardo Camavinga


  • Ryan Gravenberch


  • Vitinha


  • Gavi


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