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FIFA 23 Ultimate Team: How to Recover Quick Sold Players Quickly

FIFA 23 Ultimate Team: How to Recover Quick Sold Players Quickly

There are several players who accidentally sell players only to realize moments later that they have committed a horrible mistake. If you too have discarded or quickly sold a player in FUT and want them back, you can do so with a few simple tricks. Here is everything you need to know in order to recover your quickly sold players. However, there are limitations to this method, which are also mentioned in this guide.




You can easily recover a player item that was quickly sold in the past seven days. All you have to do is follow these steps and pay the discarded price, and the player will appear in your Unassigned box. Let’s begin.


  • Log into the FIFA Companion App or the FIFA Web App.


  • Now select Club followed by the Quick Sell Recovery option from the dropdown menu.


  • To find the day you sold the specific player, use the calendar icon on the top left corner of the screen.


  • Finally select the player you want to get back and choose the Recover option.


  • The player will be returned to your Unassigned box and the FUT coins you received earlier from the transaction will be deducted from your account.




  • You must have at least the same number of coins in your FUT account as you received from quick selling the player. So, if you got 400 coins from selling a player, you cannot recover them until you have 400 coins in your account.


  • You can only recover player items with this feature. Club items, staff, and consumables once sold are lost forever.


  • There is a 7-day recovery period. After that, you cannot recover any quickly sold players.


  • You cannot recover any items from a deleted club.


  • You cannot recover quick sold loan player items.


  • You can only recover five quick sell items in a 31 day period. The number of items you can sell is refreshed after the 31-day mark. Moreover, unused recoveries do not roll over to the next month.




Where is the quick sell recovery tool located?

The recovery tool is not on your console or PC. You’ll have to open the Companion or Web app and go to Club > Quick Sell Recovery in order to get back your quick sold players.



How many times can you recover discarded/sold items?

You can use the restore feature five times a month. Also, you can only recover items that were discarded 7 days ago. Any further and they are lost forever.



How to recover quick sold consumables?

Anything other than player items is not recoverable.


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