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FIFA 23: Goalkeeper Improvements & Changes Explained

FIFA 23: Goalkeeper Improvements & Changes Explained

EA has implemented several changes in FIFA 23 to make goalkeeping easier. They have also attempted to make the goalkeeper appear more natural. Here is a list of all the improvements that you can expect in the game.




  • Line of Sight – Goalkeepers can react slowly based on how much of their vision is blocked by other players. Moreover, the Reaction and Reflex attributes now also determine how much line of sight affects the goalkeeper’s saving ability. The goal here is to deliver a more authentic goalkeeping experience with challenges you’ve never witnessed before in FIFA 23. 

  • Goalkeeper Throws – Goalkeepers now have more optimized and effective throwing trajectories. They can now throw the ball with greater speed and accuracy.


  • Goalkeeper Driven Roll – Much like the Driven Throw, goalkeepers can now perform a Driven Roll by pressing R1 + X on the PS4 & PS5 or RB + A on the Xbox One & Series X|S.


EA has also added new goalkeeper save animations from Advanced Match Captures to FIFA 23, like knee and reflex saves. Furthermore, in an attempt to improve the personality of the goalkeeper, EA has added new gestures like giving out instructions, glove adjustments, concede reactions, new post-save animations, near-miss shot reactions and much, much more.


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