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Crusader Kings III – Sexual Orientation Guide

Crusader Kings III - Sexual Orientation Guide

Let’s chat about how the game of love plays out in CK3 when it comes to a character’s Sexual Orientation. This is the deal that determines who’s gonna catch your character’s eye and who they might get all lovey-dovey with. This thing gets locked in when your character hits the ripe old age of 10, and once it’s set, it’s set for life, no take-backs.


Now, the AI in this game? They play by the rules. They’re not gonna try & strike up a romantic connection with someone who doesn’t vibe with their Sexual Orientation. The way these orientations get spread out at the start and how the kiddos might end up swinging are all decided by the Sexuality Distribution game rule. So keep an eye on that if you want to tweak the love dynamics in your game.


Oh, and if you’re steering the ship for a character when they hit that age of decision? There’s a cool 20% chance you’ll get to play Cupid and pick out their gender preference yourself. Neat, right?


Now, let’s break down these orientations:


  • Heterosexual: Only got eyes for characters of the opposite gender. That’s where the attraction and potential Lover relations are at.


  • Homosexual: All about forming Lover relations and catching feelings for characters of the same gender.


  • Bisexual: Playing on both teams. Can form Lover relations and have Attraction Opinion towards any character, no gender restrictions here.


  • Asexual: Not in the game of love. Can’t form Lover relations or have Attraction Opinion towards anyone.


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