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Crusader Kings III – Character Nicknames Guide

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Nicknames in CK3? They’re those cool or quirky tags that stick with your character based on their actions or personality. Let’s dive into the deets:


  • the Blessed & the Pious: High Opinion with the Head of Faith? You’re looking at one of these holy titles.


  • the Peacemaker & the Conqueror: Snagged through special events or being the legendary Duke William II on his conquest.


  • the Scholar & the Wise: Get tutored by your spouse and you might just earn yourself a brainy tag.


  • the Brave to the Unrelenting: Living the Martial lifestyle to the fullest could land you one of these badass nicknames.


  • the Flayer to the Mindbreaker: Intrigue lifestyle enthusiasts, these ominous titles are in your ballpark.


  • the Bully & the Meticulous: Stewardship events might just bless you with these tags.


  • the Undefeated & the Triumphant: Win 100 battles back-to-back or defeat an Undefeated, and you’re on fire.


  • the Cannibal & the Dragon: Got a dark secret about your… culinary habits? Depending on your Dread, you could be dubbed the Cannibal or the Dragon…


  • the Avenger to the Tuatha Dé Danann: Specific decisions can reward you with these unique titles.


  • the Anointed to the Holy: Special bloodline or Empire decisions? These divine nicknames might just be in your future.


  • the Knight of Gabriel to the Holy: Aiming to create the Outremer Empire? These knightly and holy nicknames are up for grabs.


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