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Crusader Kings III – Hired Forces Guide

Crusader Kings III - Hired Forces Guide

Hired forces are predefined armies which may be temporarily controlled by hiring them with Gold. Hired forces cannot be used to Raid. There are two types of hired forces: Mercenaries and Holy Orders.




Mercenaries are armies that can be hired by characters for 3 years. Each culture generates between one and three Mercenary Companies depending on the number of counties of that culture, with each additional company being bigger and more expensive than the previous one. They will pick a County of their Culture as their headquarters and will be available to be hired by anyone within Diplomatic Range of that County. Mercenary armies come with one or more specific Men-at-Arms Regiments and will also contain a number of Knights.


Rulers are allowed to go into Debt up to 2 years in order to hire Mercenaries.


Mercenary Regiments reinforce 3 times faster than regular ones.



Holy orders

holy orders are military organizations that can be hired by characters who are at war with a Ruler whose Faith is considered Hostile or Evil. Only a single holy order can be hired at a time and as soon as the war ends holy orders are dismissed. All members of a holy order gain the Order Member trait.


holy orders can own Holdings, which provides them with Taxes and 200 Levies. If a holy order loses all its Holdings is it disbanded.


Rulers who have Kingdom or Empire titles may vassalize holy orders of the same Faith, which allows the said Ruler to use the holy order for free or take its Holdings. They can also create a holy order via a decision. Each Ruler can only create one holy order. If a Ruler creates a holy order, they may get events that allow them to grant Holdings to the new holy order.


Courtiers can be asked to join a holy order if the faith’s View on Gender doctrine allows. If the courtier accepts, the ruler will gain Piety while the courtier gains a Level of Devotion.


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