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Crusader Kings III – Civil Wars Guide

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Civil Wars

If a Faction’s ultimatum is refused it will start a Civil War. During a Civil War Faction members stop providing taxes and levies to the liege and their liege loses access to certain powers such as imprisonment. All Faction members will turn hostile to both the liege and all vassals that did not join the Faction, though they will focus on fighting the liege.


  • If the Civil War ends in White Peace the Liege will gain an imprisonment reason against all Faction members.


  • If the Civil War is won by the Vassals they will enforce the Faction’s ultimatum.


  • If the Civil War is won by the Liege all Faction members are imprisoned and the Liege gains +20 1 93 Dread. If the Faction was caused by Popular Opinion each rebelling County will gain +20 Popular Opinion for 10 years.


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