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Crusader Kings III – Pets Guide

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Pets are character modifiers that last between 11 and 16 years and can be inherited if a character dies before the pet. Both pet modifiers unlock a 1 92 Decision to pet them and have a hidden 33% chance to save the character when a Murder Scheme is executed against him or her. There are two pet modifiers:


  • Pet Dog grants +1 to Diplomacy and Prowess.


  • Pet Cat grants +1 to Intrigue and Learning.



Both pet modifiers can be obtained in two ways. One day after getting the modifier, the character will be given the option to input a name for the pet.


  • At any point, the character may be given a pet from a consort, friend, lover, or vassal and gain the option to keep it or sell it for a minor random amount of Gold.


  • During childhood, the character might encounter a pet and have the option to keep it and gain the modifier. Alternatively, if the character has the Sadistic trait, it can kill the pet to gain +1 Learning.



While the character has a pet modifier, the following events can take place:


  • A vassal plays with the pet and gains +20 Opinion.


  • The pet brings 2 Gold.


  • The pet gives a temporary Health Boost.


  • The pet ruins a vassal’s possessions, bringing the following options:



Pay the vassal and lose a moderate random amount of Gold.


Lose -20 Opinion with the vassal


  • If there is a scheme targeting the character, there is a very small chance for the pet to expose it.


  • If the character has both pet modifiers, it might gain an event that grants -20 Stress.


  • If the character has both pet modifiers, the two pets might fight. Within two weeks, one of the following will happen:


30% chance the dog dies


45% chance the cat dies


15% chance both die


10% chance they get along and the character gains -10 Stress


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