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Car Mechanic Simulator 2021 – Bolt Hornet – Order 5

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Bolt Hornet – Order 5

This is the first job that requires the repairing of body parts. We recommend using either the wielder or straight up buying the part outright for $350 if you can’t afford it. During the repair of the Bolt Hornet, you will need to complete these steps:


Note: Parts are listed for quick access.


  • 4x Brake Pads


  • Camshaft (V8)


  • Front Wheel Hub


  • Fuel Rail DI


  • 3x Ignition Coil


  • 3x Leaf Spring U-Bolt


  • 6x Rubber Bushing


  • Solid Rear Drive Axel


  • Solid-Axle Control Arm


  • 5x Spark Plug


  • 2x Timing Belt (V8)


  • Wheel Hub 3


  • Front Bumper


  • Change oil


  • Refill Windscreen fluid


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3 months ago

It’s only 5 spark plugs instead of 7. The 2 other items are spring caps. Easy to get them confused when typing fast.