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Car Mechanic Simulator 2021 – Sceo LX550 – Order 22

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Sceo LX550

During the repair of Sceo LX550, you will need to complete these steps:


Note: Parts are listed for quick access.


You should really have the Engine tools (2000 CR) at this point It’s way easier to inspect the engine when you can pull it out.


  • Air Filter


  • Alternator


  • Arm (V6 B)


  • Battery


  • Belt Tensioner


  • 4x Cam Gear (V6 B)


  • 4x Camshaft (V6 B)


  • 2x Crankshaft Bearing Cap


  • Crankshaft Pulley (V8)


  • ECU type A


  • Exhaust Manifold (V6 B)


  • Flywheel


  • Fuel Pump


  • 2x Fuel Rail (V6 B)


  • Idler Roller B


  • 3x Medium Fuse type A


  • 2x Medium Fuse type B


  • Medium Fuse type C


  • Oil Filter (I6)


  • 6x Piston Rings


  • Power Steering Pump (V6 B)


  • Relay type A


  • 3x Relay type B


  • 4x Relay type C


  • 6x Rod Cap


  • Serpentine Belt A (V6 B)


  • Serpentine Belt B (V6 B)


  • Throttle (V6 B)


  • Water Pump (V6 B)


  • Left Headlight


  • Right Headlight


  • Change oil


  • Perform Headlamp alignment


  • Refill Windshield fluid


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