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Car Mechanic Simulator 2021 – Mayen M8 – Order 23


Mayen M8

You have to rebuild the engine from the block, so you better have the engine tools. During the repair of Mayen M8, you will need to complete these steps:


Note: Parts are listed for quick access.


  • Alternator


  • Belt Tensioner


  • 4x Cam Gear


  • Crankshaft (V8)


  • 3x Crankshaft Bearing Cap


  • Engine Block (V8)


  • Fuel Filter


  • 2x Fuel Rail DI


  • Idler Roller A


  • 4x Idler Roller B


  • 6x Ignition Coil


  • Oil Filter (V8)


  • 8x Piston with Conrod


  • 8x Rod Cap


  • Serpentine Belt A (V8)


  • Supercharger (V8)


  • Supercharger Intake Manifold (V8)


  • Supercharger Serpentine Belt (V8)


  • 2x Timing Belt (V8)


  • Water Pump (V8)


  • Water Pump Pulley


  • Change Oil


  • Change Brake, Coolant, Power Steering, and Windshield fluid


  • Refill windshield washer fluid


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